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for that stressed and tired feeling : medicine pt.4


life itself is stressful, these songs can help you take that first deep sigh of relief, cause let's face it, this homework isn't going to do itself......unfortunately :'(

P.S: the cover photo was and probably will forever be unsettling to me, i'm the kind of person that gets those weird twitchy feelings whenever i see things like that happen bUT i kinda sorta gave this pic an exception bc it goes along with the mood theme of the playlist, idk, just saying, lol byee and thx for listening xx

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This is the only playlist that calmed me down and helped me get some homework done! So calming and great and amazing for a rainy day. Thank you :)

@louisxmoon ahh!! thank you so much for the lovely comment, and i'm so happy to hear that its helped you get your homework done cause i feel ya, getting homework done is the ultimate struggle, haha. :D