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smokegood /sexgood /sleepgood


Tailored for a late night smoking session with your significant other, this is the modern day marijuana montage. Mixing classic with contemporary, old and new, the mood gradually changes to suit your rising high. It's not all about Cypress and Marley. Open your minds people.

Tracks by The xx, Toro Y Moi, Kendrick Lamar, mau5 and various members of the OFWG family.


"Trust me girl, you wanna be high for this" TheWeeknd

34 tracks
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Back to change my comment, I love drake now, and this is the best playlist i've ever seen on this website. Can you make another like this? it's amazing. the mix of jazz, rap and electronic gets me good. also you helped me discover my favourite kanye west song and inspired me to start a show on my local radio station, probably don't realize it, but I listened to this playlist multiple times while flying all over the world and it's really stuck with me. Thank you man.

woah yo... no comments?!?! you are true to the words your profile spat out in nouns over verbs, quite franky this is something which of lately is spoken oft of, never truely to be heard, a rennaisance reminiscent of the world. Reminding those who cross your path of a direction marked by intention and upon which though trodden, is brought down by opines on length of grass :) :) :) thanks spud! really, really dig your profile and persona!... you make 8tracks!