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imagine a life with harry


A list to help you:
1. the tour over and he's back home to you;
2. you two lying on a roof watching the stars;
3. he kisses you when you say goodnight;
4. he falls asleep in your arms;
5. you wake up with a pair of green eyes watching you;
6. you two decided to stay in bed all day because it's raining (the way he laughs lying in bed for something that you said...);
7. you two fight and for some reason end up kissing in the rain;
8. you two come back inside and give kisses on each other's nose while making love.

P.S.: A thousand apologies if I'm not writing in correct english.
I'm not from any country where english is the official language, but I hope you understand and forgive me and my Google translator, although he sucks.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this playlist! xx. C.

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