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"For the sake of Lo-Fi, I will give thee a leafblower"


I absolutely love that grime-y, rhythmic bass tones of a synthesizer with a very light contrasting arpeggio-like sound, complementing it. Lo-Fi vocals with a climax also just make it the composition so rich and dense, and with just adding a simple drum beat that keeps feet tapping and a head nodding, is to kill for.

It's almost like being in a smoke machine air-filled, colored LED lit room for rent in a house show with the guy who sings "Everybody Knows Shit Fuck" DJ-ing the party while being documented by a JVC camcorder and watching the tape in my suburban house's living room 17 years later when my kids are at school and the dog's barking in the laundry room. They're my salad days.

8 tracks
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