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The Nobles and Others


Songs for the ones that don't fit into the first three categories (Phantomhive, Trancy or Reapers).

Order: Elizabeth (1-13), Lau (14-17), Ran-Mao (18-21), Soma (22-27), Agni (28-30), Madam Red (31-40), Lau and Ran-Mau (41-44), and Soma and Agni (45-47).

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47 tracks
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@LeoBae sorry about that. It seems to do that sometimes. The ones I chose for Ran-Mao are Toxic - Britney Spears; Love Sex Magic - Ciara; My Humps - Black Eyes Peas; Government Hooker - Lady Gaga. Then there are the ones I chose for both her and Lau: Umbrella - Rihanna; Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars; Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys; Dirty Night Clowns - Chris Garneau. Hope that helped!