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The Best Of 200 Records 2011


200 Records has selected the best tracks from its seven releases in 2011. Featuring Till Krüger, Nhar, Soukie + Windish, Constantijn Lange, Pazul and Alex Q.

As if the 200 Records owners Dirk Middeldorf and Kai Sasse had planned this from the beginning, this year’s compilation flows delicately, similar to a well-balanced DJ set.

It opens with the first release of the year; Till Krüger’s “Last Track”, Krueger’s deep production that laid the foundation not only for this compilation, but also for the other releases to grace the label throughout 2011.

French producer Nhar joined 200 with two EPs last year and made an unforgettable performance at 200 Club celebrating the release of “Bluedrop”, the second track on this compilation.

Followed by the Hamburg duo Soukie + Windish who returned to 200 last July with their second EP “Duster / Flott”. “Flott” brings back warm memories of summer, and works as a smooth transition into Constantijn Lange’s slightly more up-tempo release of “Morning Dew”.

Lange, the 23 year old producer from Berlin entered the label last August after delivering two beautiful and melodic tracks “On The Hunts” and “Morning Dew”.

Pazul also made his 200 Records debut in late summer with “Soundgarden”, which included a stunning remix from Alex Q. The original version maintains the lightheartedness of the first half of this compilation. The remix transitions into the second half with something more fitting to a dark nightclub as opposed to a summery outdoor event.

Till Krüger’s third EP “Deciduous” comes next; with a colossal kick drum, lengthy pads, and hypnotizing melodies, Krüger sets things up for Nhar with two of the label’s biggest tracks of the year.

The “Motionless / Betrayer EP“, which was released in December, not only concludes the compilation, but also finishes up the year of releases for 200 Records.

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