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romantic garbage


(note: sorry for the lame edit! i made it in a rush last night around 3AM so that's why it's a little eh. oh and there's going to be some songs in korean since, you know, he's korean.)

eugene is in love with the idea of being in love. he wants to be able to share things with someone, be able to talk to them everyday, take them on dates, walk around maybe and just do stuff. or maybe he's just lonely. he doesn't know. he just wants to stop feeling like this.
so basically this playlist is just a bunch of love / break up songs even though he's never been through a break up before because he's never been in a serious relationship!!! but i guess you can say that he longs for some sort of love. to feel needed. to feel like he's worth it idk

wow, this got a lil fake deep and emo lmao

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