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I̶̷m̶̷ ̶̷l̶̷o̶̷s̶̷i̶̷n̶̷g̶̷ ̶̷m̶̷y̶̷ ̶̷m̶̷i̶̷n̶̷d̶̷

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I̶̷m̶̷ ̶̷l̶̷o̶̷s̶̷i̶̷n̶̷g̶̷ ̶̷m̶̷y̶̷ ̶̷m̶̷i̶̷n̶̷d̶̷ is currently not streamable. Learn More.


All Sam wanted was a normal life. A safe life.

'Im not clean. I was just a little kid. You think that maybe i knew, deep down, that i had demon blood in me and about the evil of it and that i wasnt P̲u̲r̲e̲'

~For those moods where you want to cry over Sammy~

  • Ghosts That We Knew by Mumford & Sons
  • Please Forgive Me (Song of the Crow) by William Fitzsimmons
  • Wicked Game by James Vincent McMorrow
  • (Regina Spektor Cover) by Jessica
  • Run by Daughter
  • Blood by William Fitzsimmons
  • Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover, Radio 2 Dermot O'Leary Session) by Laki Mera
  • Jesus Jesus Noah Gundersen by Gavin Leatherwood
  • Unsteady by X Ambassadors
9 tracks
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