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chill out while we grill out

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Chi, I lost you on tumblr ages ago and just realized i was following you on here >.< WHY U CHANGE URL SO MUCH. TT_TT where can i find you now?

@dirtydirtychai aw hi babe!! i actually deleted my tumblr and am not on there anymore! my twitter is birblouis but i'm basically just 100% full 1d trash so idk if u want to follow me there cries

@25postcards oh that's almost a relief, i thought I'd unfollowed you in a fit of "WHO ARE THESE STRANGERS ON MY DASH, GET OFF MY LAWN" bc u know i'm an old lady with a terrible memory =_=

@dirtydirtychai ah yeah i deleted early this year after taking a long hiatus from it? i just realized i wasn't very happy on tumblr and it ate too much of my time up and stuff!! but if you want to exchange emails or nums im up for it!