29 Settembre
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2 comments on ...hello?

its warm in here. my body by degrees slipping lightly into, a full immersion sensory deprivation text field. whom is the message composed for?
entity which respond when you say hello, is deity, no is you thinking/ whose then speaking, also known as but not equal to, responding. hello.

feverish with the fervent wish to seem cool. finger snap and the maladies dissipate through the air, the reverberation barely hanging there, between thumb and index. would you sleep with a glossary if the love was, amorous and loud? or better yet well defined. whats it look like/ when two subtle bodies collide? could you see it, if they did?

Anyway, this mix is looking like it'll shape up into something very much fun for me, so thanks you, for making it. ahhhh. Sluggish. tempo slip thru the horny microphone lisping just a lightly, i love rap mightily. mmmm.
f(x) = LORD ALL_ special savior in the glossy page. if and only if i looked like a model of logical arguments no one would refute my body statement./
shhh, stop no, de rien, i cannot do this, relate to you, ion and i. my isotope though dope is a little too radio reactive, beats encroyable. and the silken feeling of a thought seeming undeveloped, simply cause i don't know the language. its not an position of grammar statements with the subject/predicates all wracked up betwixt the prepositional phrases, its a flatline lack of no life to variables untranslatable/
anyway, it is a great mix! thanks for making it! mixtapes are fun! way to go sharing!

Love this mix, from Elvis to RJD2, brilliant! Took a look at that newspaper photo from 1985, that girl in the arms of James Joyce is ridiculously cute.