29 Settembre
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Songs about Old Movie Stars


The Avalanches and my exorbitant joy about their comeback might be the initiating reason behind this playlist.

Fanny-Ardant-et-moi by V. D. is this perfect upbeat gem about having a down-to-earth life with the unearthly beautiful Fanny Ardant. "Elle ne dit plus -Vivcement Dimanche- depuis que je la traîne chez mes parents, tous les weekends, Fanny Ardant" I mean --- arghh

James feels just like Fred Astaire because we all wanna dance when we're falling in love.

TBH, I don't understand ppl's obsession with Grace-Kelly, I wish there would be songs called -Lauren Bacall's chin- or -Joan Crawford's eyebrows- or -Bogies teeth- or -Katherine Hepburn's laugh' or.. ok I could go on forever but E. are just having their Grace-Kelly blues.

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