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A Stroll Around Town


Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea while you enjoy the soothing and relaxing sounds of Animal Crossing's Nighttime themed music. Or perhaps you want to lay down and let the melodies lull you to sleep.

Artwork by - http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=235966

25 tracks
7 comments on A Stroll Around Town

okay so this is like one of my all-time favorite playlists on this website! so perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea, sleeping, or getting through an essay! thank you so much!

Ah this is an utterly gorgeous playlist!! It's so pretty and calming. I listened to it while trying to sleep : ) Thank you so much for making this!!

I've become obsessed with New Leaf's soundtrack, so listening to this makes me fall even more in love with it and all the other Animal Crossing soundtracks!