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Wild Heart


A playlist for Thedas' favorite pirate queens. (I don't know about 'yall, but I really need to see that hat of Bela's)

It's all set in chronological order, so if you listen to it multiple times (first of all, THANK YOU!! that's very flattering~) it might not make sense. I'm gonna start posting these on tumblr, so the full tracklist will be added then, and in the meantime, I'm gonna add annotations of what each song is supposed to represent.

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OK i fuckin love this and I DIG how you provided explanations in the annotations imo one of the great underused features of 8tracks when it comes to fanmixes. honestly its so great how much you thought about where each song fits into their story!!! well done <3

@annebonny Thanks so much!! Yeah man, I love using the annotations. They're so helpful!! I wish more people used them, I love knowing why people put songs into playlists, so I thought it'd be nice to do the same! You rock, thanks again!! <3