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SEVENTEEN's second mini album, "BOYS BE"!

(Another reason to love being part of the diamond life...)

*Due to the minimum amount of tracks needed on 8tracks, I added 2 of my personal favorite songs from their debut mini album plus their remake performance of "Because of You". Also, if you like this album- please show support for the artist and try to buy the songs that you like or even the entire album! Enjoy!

(Gold/Gem: 9/10/15 - Thank you so much!)

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i love this album so much I could play it all day. Thanks for this awesome playlist. I have officially slip into the diamond life :')

@cristina131098-424 congrats! be prepared for lots of feels and just plain good torture :) and thank you! i'm just glad everyone was able to listen to this album and love it.

@therealireniepoo there's a limit? totally didn't know that- but maybe erasing your listening history will work? anyways- i'm guessing this means you loved this mix, so thank you for listening! :)

@aviph once you slip into the diamond life, you never come back right? i'm just joking with you- but you're very welcome, i'm happy to see people loving their new album :)