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growing pains.


I looked back for a moment;
looked at the times I cried and laughed-
a lot of things happened,
but there were many good memories.
Now it's time to move on.

Tracklist: http://goo.gl/wBev0i

(Gold: 10/17/15 - Thank you so much!)

10 tracks
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@bbaeksong i try to make a lot of what i love to listen to- so it's good to see people have the same tastes as i do! (i listen to my own playlists 24/7 haha) and thank you! i really loved making this mix because of the theme i worked with; it was sort of hard to find songs to use ??

@dystopias aw- only two songs in and i've charmed another person into loving this playlist! i'm so happy you're in love with this, thank you for listening!