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lay me down


A collection of the best BTS songs to fall asleep to

Tracklist: http://goo.gl/g4C0mW

(Gold: 10/7/15 - Thank you!!)

**UPDATED tracklist due to listener request! 11/7/15

I had to take out some tracks in order to republish this, but you can listen to it fully at: https://playmoss.com/en/41days/playlist/lay-me-down

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16 tracks
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@muij why thank you!! sorry for the late response- i'm really happy this was maybe relaxing for you ??? but i'm flattered the cover was pretty easy to make :) happy new year btw!

i love this playlist so much it's so peaceful and i feel so connected with it on a personal level. thank you so much for creating this c:

@stresssedout for this mix to even connect with you on a personal level- makes me want to thank you more for even listening! bts mean a lot to me personally, so i'm just glad people are enjoying my little "thank you" to bangtan ^^

@xNoryl to be completely honest, i didn't even know 8tracks had a listening limit- but i'm impressed and happy that you've listened to this so much that 8tracks is literally telling to shoo! (your comment totally made my day)