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화양연화 PT.2


Welcome back, butterfly~

(BTS' fourth mini album, "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2"!)

No copyright infringement intended. I own nothing. If you enjoyed this album or any of the songs, please try to show support for the artist and buy the songs that you like or even the entire album! (iTunes or physical copies) Thank you for listening- BTS fighting!

(Gem/Gold : 11/29/15 - Thank you all for listening! Let's make this comeback memorable for ARMYs and BTS. ❤)

9 tracks
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@maraudete sorry this response is so late! you're too sweet! i hope 2016 will be a loving, cheerful, and bright year for you! thank you for listening!

Ugh! I hate how there's a limit to hour how many times you can play it an 8-hour period. I found it on soundcloud but it was weird after a while. It kelt going to something else after a song and shuffled it. Thank you so much!

@breakmedown :( honestly i never knew there was a limit on how many times you can listen to a playlist- but i'm glad you could listen to this instead of whatever weird things soundcloud was doing for you!