23 comments on 화양연화 PT.2 by 41days

@maraudete sorry this response is so late! you're too sweet! i hope 2016 will be a loving, cheerful, and bright year for you! thank you for listening!

Ugh! I hate how there's a limit to hour how many times you can play it an 8-hour period. I found it on soundcloud but it was weird after a while. It kelt going to something else after a song and shuffled it. Thank you so much!

@breakmedown :( honestly i never knew there was a limit on how many times you can listen to a playlist- but i'm glad you could listen to this instead of whatever weird things soundcloud was doing for you!

@mammamiaayayaya haha, the wonderful creature is you! i couldn't have shared this gift if other people didn't take the time to listen to this blessing that is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF WORK-

@kawaiidubulge oh my goodness, i can't even wait to see how the physical albums look like in person! glad you enjoyed the songs- and lucky you, i only pre-ordered the blue version :)