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The debut mini album from JYP's newest group- DAY6, "THE DAY"!
Members include: Jae, Dowoon, Sungjin, Junhyeok, Young K, and Wonpil :)

(Honestly a really great debut album, I can't wait to see more from them. DAY6 fighting!
And because the album is short 2 tracks of the minimum for 8tracks, I added two of my favorite tracks from this summer. Also, if you like this album- please show support for the artist and try to buy the songs that you like or even the entire album! Enjoy!)

(Gold: 9/14/15 - Thank you so much for making this gold! DAY6 fighting!)

8 tracks
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Thanks for this! I really liked it and decided to buy the album :) This was way better than just those 30 second previews.

@itsjustjanel that's great! i never want to make it seem as if i don't want listeners of this mix to not buy the music- but just to give the album a listen and possibly purchase the album if they can. 30 second previews honestly isn't enough to just make a decision on whether you're going to buy the album or not- thanks for listening!