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"we are mamamoo!"


MAMAMOO ← A girl group made up under WA Entertainment with 4 members- Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. A mix dedicated to one of the best debuted groups in 2014.

*Due to an 8tracks restriction on less than 2 songs an artist/album this playlist now only includes all official title tracks, collaborations, Immortal Songs performances, and some covers/other special performances. Will update frequently/needed!

Tracklist: http://goo.gl/VhduL4 [needs to be updated with current tracklist]

(Gold: 4/6/15 - Thank you!)

39 tracks
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I really really really love Mamamoo omg they just keep slaying every performance I see them do. Thanks for making this! They're definitely gonna get more popular with the kind of musical prowess they possess. TT_TT love u and this playlist

@Jisoo's Idiot their vocal talents and ability to really just perform beautifully will get them so far for sure! u are so precious and thank you for listening! i'll have to keep updating this playlist :)

OMG I looked up "mamamoo" on the search bc I listened to "Gentleman" once and it was stuck in my head. I am so happy to find this playlist! I would never know there's such a talented group like this in kpop!