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ost favorites

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some of my favorite ost tracks from various dramas

  • 환청 (Feat. 나쑈 (NaShow)) [Kill Me Heal Me by Jang Jae In (장재인)
  • Every Single Day(I Hear Your Voice OST) by Echo(Acoustic Ver.)
  • Apink EunJi & Seo In Guk by All For You
  • Love Is... (Heirs Ost Part 2) by Bromance (Park Jang Hyun & Park Hyun Gyu
  • After A Long Time (Baek Ji Young) by Rooftop Prince OST
  • Two People by The Heirs OST
  • Love U Like U By Kim Myungsoo And Kim Yerim by kpop_exo
  • Why Did You Came Just Now (I Hear Your Voice OST) by Jung Yup
  • Growing Pains (ost The Heirs part8) by Cold Cherry
  • Sung Joon (Eye Candy) by Wake Up
  • 최고의 행운 by 첸 (Chen) (EXO)
11 tracks