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maria is a troubled girl with a troubled friend and a troubled story.
each track is placed in a "chronological order" of maria's story, with a small comment on each within the annotation.
this is a mix for maria rivas and how she ended up killing her best friend.

  • Gymnopédie No.1 (Tulpa Remix) by Erik Satie
    a new year of school. the typical story of a girl meeting a boy. maria, albeit quiet, was happy to speak to anybody she met. even a boy who could be called an outcast who went by the name of [xxxxx]. they quickly became friends. it seemed fine.
  • Ost switch tension by Switch Beatmaker
    this boy is not normal. he is an outcast for a reason. he has been called a killer-- a murderer. those rumors were not falsities. he tells her this himself. of course, he doesn't tell her this without maria giving something as well. maria is too scared to say no. this, quite possibly, is her downfall.
  • "Paved With Good Intentions" by Michiru Yamane (From Skullgirls)
    maria has killed something, and if it's only just an animal, he doesn't stop there. maria is consumed by guilt, but continues to smile from that same fear from before. more plans are made, more things are revealed. maria begins to change from her normal demeanor even further, no longer showing up to school. she cuts off contact with others out of fear of hurting them, and begins to only have contact with that one boy.
  • Sonic Boom Six 'Piggy In The Middle' by Wipe Out Music
    it's the dirty job that someone's got to do and it comes down to me/ whoop whoop, and that's the sound of the police------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ rising action, rising tension, rising blood pressure. maria has killed somebody. maria begins to realize the consequences of her actions. it's all because of that boy, isn't it...?
  • ダンスダンスデカダンス by Karasuyasabou
    頭揺らしちゃって/ なんも かんも/ まとめてゴミ箱へ シュート! [my head is shaking / everything, anything / collect it and shoot it at the garbage can!]----------------------------------------------- stab. stab. stab.
  • Kashitarou Itou [Kyouhansha/Accomplice] by 【伊東歌詞太郎】共犯者【歌ってみた】
    そんな悲しい終わりなんて今はいらない![it's such a sad finale that right now no one needs!]------- living with yourself is hard to do once you've done something this horrible. she tries to convince herself it was for the best.
  • 天ノ弱 【piano ver.】 by 【nike】 A Born Coward
    僕がずっと前から思ってる事を話そうか / 友達に戻れたらこれ以上はもう望まないさ [shall i tell you what i've been thinking for a long time? / if i can be your friend once again, i won't ask for more]
  • No. 8. Walzer by Caspar Furstenau
    i hope you enjoyed maria's little story. she sure didn't. she will continue to live a life of only fear and distrust. fear of hurting others and distrust of herself. she tells herself she'll see him again one day. she has been practicing what she's going to say recently. i wonder why.
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