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JJG X (19+)


It's been a while but this playlist marks the next celebration, and you're spending it with the birthday boy Jeon Jeongguk himself.

JJG is a generous young man. he'll treat you like a gift, but he's giving. fingers unwrapping you, caressing softly, firmly across your skin; palms skimming your legs, hips, waist with care. he lights you up one area at a time; ghosting kisses over the inside of a thigh, your neck, each one igniting a small burst of heat, like a candle. the low melody of his voice tells you to "make a wish" before he leans down to taste you; better than any icing. 'sugar rush' doesn't cover the high you feel when he's wrapped in you, the bow of his back stretched tight as you both receive the gratification that he'll remember each year for a long time. happy birthday indeed.

12 tracks
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