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I'm a graphic designer


As a graphic designer, I spend my days at the computer. I need constant music to accompany me in my creation. I need a supporting music, subtle, who carries my imagination while wrapping my concentration. Some bands names keep coming back to my ear, why not make the perfect playlist?

En constante évolution !

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Je suis allé sur ton site par curiosité et j'ai vu que tu a étudié en infographie au CFP Marie-Rollet, j'étudis à cette école présentement! haha le monde est petit!

This is an amazing playlist, thank you! I motivated myself to get through my last hour of development work whilst listening to this; it's got the perfect vibe :D

Oh Gosh ! I know what you mean ! I Think i'm gonna do a playlist just for those "last hours" or "rush-im late-quick-aaaaa" moment ! :D