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don't get too attached(short and sweet)

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Goooooood, light is best. Sorry you gotta be going through rough patches, life is something like that I suppose. Minnesota weather is adventurous, not scary. I'm just happy I made such a nice friend on the old 8tracks. When's the next mix coming out? Should we plan themed ones?

truthfully, i haven't been inspired to make one lately. i've been thinking about it but nothing comes... but if ya wanna suggest something, i could try:)

How about mix that portrays December? Not Christmas per say but the kind of genres and songs that remind us of December.....what do yooooooou think?

how would you have scared me? never! now, ohio has always been scary but the weather in minn. terrifies me:) i've had some rough patches lately but i'm almost halfway to halfway to seeing the light at the end of the very dark tunnel:)

I see, well I thought maybe I had scared you off last time we chatted a little so I'm glad you've been wondering where I've been. I've been here and there and at work really. One of my mixes has over 100 plays! Woot woot! Thanks for liking my short and sweet, it is as the title says it is short and sweet. I liked yours too and I can feel the roller coaster going on. Nice work. I hope Ohio doesn't have you too down, try Minnesota one of these days.

where you been, pal? sorry to say it wasn't inspired by your short and sweet. however effin' sweet it may be. this one is inspired by the fleeting nature of a certain category of feelings. reckless lust, codependence, needing to know that someone might be in a dark place right next door to yours... how quickly it dies when someone gets a little scared. should have really been called short, bittersweet, giant fukin' letdown. think i might have shared too much:)