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do you want to fall apart?


trying hard to look like i'm not trying that hard & failing miserably at everything, including that

notes & dl link @ ravonettes.tumblr.com

art by poiv @ tumblr, used with permission

8 tracks
2 comments on do you want to fall apart?

your song selection is really awesome!! aaand, overall they all gave me rin feels~ ahh thank you!! (i will quietly now stalk your rinharu playlist, dont't mind me).

@hazzalouis inflicting rin feels is exactly what i was hoping to do with this mix, so thank YOU for taking the time out of ur day to tell me u liked it!!

I'm so happy this playlist is the best playlist (also the fact that u put be calm on here makes me VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!) great job!

@woahmako :D thank you so much!!! it really means a lot to me that you liked my mix and thought it made sense, lol. i love be calm too and it just really fits for post-s1 rin, doesnt it? thanks again!!!!!