Im a big music acctic!caint live with out it!!I love writteing chapter books an novels,I also love to clean up listening to sweet R&B music in the back ground!I also love being around folks that likes the same type music as me but a differant enviroments sometimes!Im a people person treat every one equal an fair loveing all even those who may have crossed me!I forgive easily because thats how I can be forgiveing by GOD"I have four kids that love me dearly an who I consume my whole life line of love an dedication with!I love being able to make differance in some one ealse life!8m a very humble person dont bother but get bothered!I mind my bisness in life cause I believe thats a major way to liveing longer!straight up!Im a blessed to be here because one GOD made that possible!For the most part I love liveing an let live!!!

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