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Those sugary songs that fansites use in the background of their videos. A sweet and soft korean indie mix dedicated to Xiumin's gummy, eye scrunching smile. Yes.

Featuring artists such as Humming Urban Stereo, Neon Bunny, and Raspberry Field.

18 tracks
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WAIT I got an email saying there was a part 2 to your message,but I can't see it??? :( BUT ANYWAY, I'VE BEEN GREAT. UNI'S A BIT STRESSFUL, BUT I MADE A LOT OF FRIENDS BC IT'S SUCH A SMALL CAMPUS, AND AT LEAST I'M ON MY BREAK NOW! :DDD haha yes, your username's unique, so it was easy to remember! ;u; NO IT'S OKAY! I did have a lovely birthday! hehe. YES YOU SHOULD REMAKE YOUR TWITTER, even if you don't end up going on it much! Is there no other way to talk to you? ;o; i DON'T KNOW WHERE THE REST OF YOUR MESSAGE IS, BUT I JUST WANTED TO ADD THAT I HOPE YOU HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

cries HI ARE YOU LARA? I'VE BEEN GOGGLING '8BYEOL' EVERYWHERE BUT YEAH, IT'S HELENE FROM MELBOURNE, I MISS YOU ;o; I couldn't find you on twitter and I'm guessing you deleted it??? :(( but I remembered it was your birthday (and even hotmail reminded me for some reason?), so I just wanted to wish a happy birthday, and I hope all is going well with university and other stuff! ;uuu; i'M STILL ON TWITTER AS @HELENEISMYNAME SO YEAH ;o;

@heleneismyname OH MY GOD HELENE!!! HELENE!!!! How are you!!! This is so sweet... oh gosh.. you were always sweet BUT I NEVER THOUGHT I'D GET TO SEE THE 'heleneismyname' username like this!! I was so excited and confused- I recognized you straight away like "aww, helene left a message....waIT....HELENE!!!" I can't believe you not only remembered my username BUT ALSO my birthday?! Helene?! Oh no... I feel terrible... I didn't get to wish you a happy birthday for this year... I'm so sorry, I hope you had a lovely day. I also hope you're enjoying uni! Well, uni break, but still!! I never remade a twitter but I was honestly thinking about remaking one cause I miss scrolling through and leaving little replies and seeing how everyone is :'c so I think this is a sign that I should get onto that and catch up with you! I missed you! I'm so touched that you made this account, and did that research... You're so sweet, you've always been so sweet

@8byeol DONT LISTEN TO MY MIXES OM GTHEYRE SHITTY AF (im just publishing the ones still rotting in my unpublished tag before i leave this acc ;;) ALSO WHY DONT YOU HAVE TWITTER WHY HAVE YOU ABANDONED ME?????? im good mostly, not always but mostly HOW ARE OYU THO???? im still a waitress yesyes but only until next month bc i'll leave for a semester D:D: nO CUTE GIRLDE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? even tho there was this one cute girl in the bakery that said my dress was cute heh. I DID NOT ORGANIZE OUR MR BEAN CAR YET BC I DIDNT KNOW IF YOU WOULD EVER RETURN TO ME. yes you shouldve |: but now i did so it's all okay hihi <3

@exoppy YOU'RE LEAVING THE ACCOUNT??? wait wait wait lemme find another way to contact you cause THIS IS ALL WE HAVE LEFT AND WE STILL GOTTA TALK TO EACH OTHER WHEN WE'RE 60 REMEMBER uh do you have livejournal? or??? tell me your new acc if you get one on here??? sorry for being so limited, what with no more twitter/tumblr :c Mostly is great though!! Ah that's good you get a break from waitress job!! It tired you out a lot, no? Are you having a holiday?? I am good!! I'm planning out all the things I'm doing in my free time these holidays (on a student budget of nearly nothing, so it's things like super long walks along the coast and visiting massive flower markets??? PRETTY HAPPY YES). No cute girl??? What??? Rie are you sure??? What about boy?? no cute boy? Ah bakery girl definitely counts as cute girl mhm I WOULDN'T HAVE DELETED TWITTER WITHOUT CHECKING YOU WERE STILL ACTIVE ON HERE YES- I never wanted to cut you off ;n;

@8byeol HOLY SHIT MAN I CANT BELIEVE THIS WAS ALREADY A YEAR AGO I??? NEVER LOGGED BACK IN AND THEN COMPLETELY FORGOT. do you still remember me wow????? if you do and you still wanna talk you can find me on tumblr at 'moreaunox' or i can give you my kkt or anything??? i hope you're doing well wow hi

@exoppy HONESTLY I'M LISTENING TO YOUR MIXES AS I STUDY. I miss you too :c I don't have twitter but at least I have you (plus your girlgroup playlists) on here????? I hope you're well! Every time I see the bubble days mix I feel happy but also a bit sad because I DON'T GET TO TALK TO YOU ANY MORE AND IT REALLY SUCKS RIE. HOW ARE YOU????? IT'S BEEN MONTHS??? ARE YOU STILL WAITRESS??? ANY CUTE GIRLS????? DO YOU HAVE OUR MR BEAN CAR READY FOR ME YET ???? I should have messaged you ages ago, I'm so happy to hear from you ah