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Vocal dubstep heaven #3

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Ages ago you launched this playlist and I still listen to it regularly. From all your playlists (which are good, btw) this is the best one, #4 comes in a close second! Many thanks for this!

Dear 8Cvetko have you got a Facebook page? Would be good to get some more "compliments" (I would for sure "like" many of your posts besides doing it here on 8tracks, you know, to share with my friends) ;) I follow you since a while and really like your playlists! I love your selection of Chillstep and Relaxing DubStep! This mix here I'm listening right now and it's really cool! You have good taste! Thanks and keep up the good work! cheers from Zurich.

Thanks for the support, it means a lot. I don't have a FB page, and I don't intent to create one. I simply don't have enough time for such dedication. This is the perfect place for me to share the music I enjoy, and I'll keep posting playlists until I have enough time and inspiration. Thanks for the support again and sorry for the late reply.