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the fool king

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Great mix, as always :') And it's so nice to see some of my fave songs on it! Also, thanks for introducing me to Barns Courtney, "Glitter and Gold" is fantastic, I'm just in love with this song and I was pretty much listening to it on a loop while reading the last chapter of WTLG. it just fits so amazingly well!

@angelshawke Thank you so much!! I'm super happy you liked it! and omg when I heard Glitter and Gold for the first time it just instantly reminded me of king au Gavin, it fits him so perfectly aha. :')

(attempt #2 of a comment. no hearts this time.) But this was so flawless and perfect and omffffffg. Like the songs just fit the whole atmosphere of the fic perfectly and they all fit Gavin so perfectly and just. goddamn. And for some of the instrumentals I could kind of imagine what scenes they'd be in and iT THIS WHOLE THING IS SO PERFECT i have no words. Time to repeat endlessly.

@kaylaroseh THANK YOU MY FRIEND i'm so happy you liked it! It was definitely fun choosing instrumentals and imagining what scenes they'd be the backdrop of ohoho