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Anime Trash


Here's some stuff from ur weeb days that you most likely memorized the lyrics to.

  • Sailor Moon Opening (English) by 90skidnostalgia
  • Soul Eater Resonance by Full Version
  • Opening Last Exile by Cloud Age Symphony
  • 01 - Kimi ni Todoke by kntbr
  • 桜キッス(TVサイズ) by 河辺千恵子
  • ムーンライト伝説 by ムーンリップス
  • Fullmetal Alchemist 2 by Hologram
  • Black Paper Moon by Soul Eater Opening 2
  • Black Rock Shooter Opening [Full] by Misakimei-chan
  • innocent sorrow by D.Gray-Man OP 1
  • Over The Sky by Hitomi
  • Bouken Desho Desho by Musica Asiatica
  • Bakusou Yuma uta by Soul eater Ending
  • Lovely Complex Kimi Boku = Love by Lovely Complex Br
14 tracks
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