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When Finals Attack (You'll Be Fine)


Finals man...

Best of luck and hopefully this playlist helps you get through them. Feel free to find some finals week irony in the tracks.

- Josh

P.S. The first song NAVI is an original that I did with one of my pals. Hope ya like it

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This is my go to playlist every time I have to sit down and study hard. I can't find one I like more. I love that you ended with Zelda, by the way.

@Elfquester Glad it helps you study and even more happy that you dig the Zelda at the end. I almost bought a Zelda themed monopoly the other day so I try and include it whenever possible. Cheers

@8trachs It's my favorite game, got a windwaker puzzle the other day. Mad props on the original song, too! It sounds awesome!!

@Elfquester hahah that's fantastic. Great stuff. And thanks! I appreciate it. Had a lot of fun making it. Have some other things in the works but nothing finished and sounding how I'd like quite yet.