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Our childhood music grown up...

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I couldn't find a playlist like this worth listening to, so I made my own :) 28 tracks to take you back to childhood. Music from the 90's and turn of the century tracks including mixes, and original songs by *NSYNC, Destiny's Child, Fatboy Slim, Backstreet Boys, and many other favorites. Hope you enjoy it!!

  • Show Me the Meaning (Dubstep Remix) by Backstreet Boys
  • I’m Just a Kid by Simple Plan
  • MGMT vs. Backstreet Boys vs. Beastie Boys vs. The xx vs. Katy Perry vs. The Verve by DJ Dan Malsom
  • Hoku Remix by Brittanaynay
  • I Thought She Knew by *NSYNC
  • It Feels So Good by Sonique
  • Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Sillable 2007 Remix) by SPDmusix
  • Simple plan by Simple Plan
  • I Knew I Love U by Savage Garden
9 tracks