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Top Pop

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What do I think??? I think it rocks!!! Well, not literally because this is pop music, not rock, but still, IT IS AMAZING!!! Dont listen to yeah*babe, listen to what you want, which WILL be this playlist!!!

natalie_bone u r wrong it is boring needs less variety i no know bout u but like no one else has exactly taste you do i only like that this has cris brown

IT IS THE BEST PLAYLIST EVER!!!!!!!! All of my favorites are here, no more listening to radio, all I need is this and I'm good to go!!!!!!!!!

Awesome playlist! If you enjoy variety, you'll enjoy this Top Pop playlist! Some of the featured songs include See You Again (Wiz Khalifa), Berzerk (Eminem), Trap Queen (Fetty Wap), Dark Horse (Katy Perry), Talking body (Tove Lo), Trophies (Drake), and Survivor (Destiny's Child), and the list goes on!