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i think maybe the darkness finds you and me


but let it try.


this is an embarrassingly extensive tracklist of songs that have never failed to make me cry about msr and how they never give up on each other despite all the angst chris carter throws their way

i covered pretty much every major arc in chronological order:
2-6 season one new beginnings
7-8 season two scully's abduction arc
9-11 season three mythology and relationship development
12-16 season four falling in love amidst cancer arc
17-21 season five they-are-in-love-and-denial phase
22-24 season six and seven subtext becoming text
25-28 season eight mulder's abduction
29-31 season nine william
32 fugitives
33-34 i want to believe
35-37 a stupid (but canonical) breakup
38-39 soulmates

39 tracks
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