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Piano Music

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the amélie soundtrack is a wonderful mix! I really like it. Played it by myselfe, but this mixture is faboulos! is it combined with Haydn's Piano Sonata in G? Made my studies better! Thanks!

@gerald.williams.94 you should check out more Dexter Britain's music. He is incredible. http://dexterbritain.co.uk/ Thanks for good words. If you have any piano songs that would make this playlist better, just shoot it to me :)

This playlist made me so happy. What I always fear about piano mixes is that they'll be 'too obvious', meaning, that people will put Clair de Lune and Moonlight Sonata.. But this one is wonderful. Thank you!

@LilaRocha Even though I included some well known composers, but tried to keep it to the minimum. In fact it has Moonlight Sonata as well, but it's the whole piece 15mins long, and I bet there's not a lot of people out there who heard the whole piece :) It's an incredible feeling to hear your good words. Thank you! <3