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~[ raindrops in a seashell ]~


i can't find words for things overwhelming me.
i can't find words for you.

sherlock to my watson
slytherin to my hufflepuff
garnet to my aquamarine
brendon to my gerard
submarine to my spaceship
dan to my phil
taylor to my josh
marina to my melanie
ivy to my quinn
moon to my stars

five decades and you still succeed to amaze me.
& when i'm with you it's like
finding my phone that seemed to be lost.
looking at the clock and still having three hours of sleep left.
the food i craved for that day is in the fridge.
passing fluffin' maths.
you are like those little moments of relief combined
and still so much more.

our mind's are blue,
your's the deep sea,
mine's the night sky.

i love you so much.
cover art by Edgar Allan Noe

19 tracks