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Guilty [Code: Realize Fanmix]


A Code: Realize fanmix. The tracks may be changed, or I may add tracks as I think of things.


Cardia Beckford
"Guilty on the run, and I know what I have done."

"Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope. Built with a heart, broken from the start."

Arsene Lupin
"I've been dreaming things and scheming things. I've been smoking the poison."

Impey Barbicane
"Blast off into space, forget the human race."

Victor Frankenstein
"And at the trial they'll be no jury. And all the dead, are going to play witness."

Abraham Van Helsing
"I'm worried 'bout the future, ain't fuckin' with the past."

"We are moving through the crowd, they're gonna hear just what we have to say."

"You've taken control of my heart and my soul."

8 tracks
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