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Rise from the ashes


Now I am re-learning how to be selfish. I am rising
from a bed of burnt feathers and the wings on my back
are black, but I think they suit me better this way.

Oh, I will not have them think you corrupted
me, no, not when it was I
who reached out and seized my bloodright.

The world will shake from this–so let it. The smoke
that rises from the cracks is cleansing. Among it all,
we’ll hold each other in the new universe we’re creating
and even the hot wind will chant our name.

Even the ashes,
even the flames.

- Amrita C.

A little reminder of how powerful and resilient you are

Cover art from Myla Dalbesio's instagram. Check the queen out: https://www.instagram.com/myladalbesio/

Songs from Kanye, m83, Alicia Keys and more

23 tracks
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