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Hell Yes

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this is such a great fanmix! lots of dave fsts are... heavy? which isn't a bad thing - i love them - but this is a nice change. it has a lot of spunk and energy and badassery. B)

yeah, i've noticed that! dave definitely has a darker side--as does homestuck as a whole, obviously--but there's a great youthful energy and brashness that i admire about him and that defines dave to me more than the sadder things.

This is legitimately one of the best fanmixes I've ever encountered. Every song has Strider written all over it - now excuse me while I have this on repeat for the next three weeks.

I'm so flattered, dude! Thank you! I love Dave so much and I was worried I wouldn't be able to capture his energy and essence in this mix, but I'm very relieved to hear it worked out. I'm glad you enjoyed it!