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"oh... hey... i got inspired and put together some pretty chill tunes. you should check it out. um... if you want to, that is. i won't make you if you don't want to. you should probably lie down for this."

(Album art by chocolate-rebel.)

[[ 1. Family Tradition // 2. Ghosts // 3. Dreams of Something Greater // 4. Shyren's Song // 5. A Human's Soul // 6. Delta Rune // 7. Fallen Children // 8. Hoping ]]

8 tracks
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hi im back to comment again- i think i was listening to this playlist one time when i was almost passed out and i THINK there was a song where the guy kept saying orange?? i cant find it but if its on here im wonderin what song it was

@thepunkparade Aquarius by Boards of Canada. BoC has a long proud history of tracks that're weird and soothing but also sometimes a bit creepy/including odd sound samples.