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Thank you for the comment and hear this mix.
I'm not good at English, is a strange sentence.
"music cease to be music and just become unnecessary sound?"
I think,Where individuals feel the discomfort, the music is to unpleasant sound.
"Wino"is generally unpleasant sound.
I like Nervous sounds and Noise Music.
and I like these music,because It feels dizzy.
This mix may be a little personal contents and improvisation.

Loved most of this playlist. Wasn't that fond of "Wino," though. I felt about it about the same way I feel about "Revolution #9." Just grating noise to create a sense of disorientation. I guess it raises a thought-provoking question, though. At what point does music cease to be music and just become unnecessary sound? Do you have an opinion? I'd be curious to know.