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saving the best for last; hope u enjoy that 1st song, it always makes me laugh!

generic description/disclaimer: enjoy your playlist girl/dude/man/pal! feedback is def appreciated. treat this mix like an AP Lit prompt. give me them essay responses. i like all kinds of music for all kinds of reasons, & this includes explicit music with violent, misogynistic, homophobic, etc. lyrics-i won't try and defend them. you're welcome to message me if a particular song angers/upsets you.

p.s. i tried to incorporate your music taste/what i knew of it and if we don't know each other well/at all, i just tried to give ya good quality music, with a healthy variety of languages AND genres. also, if you really like a particular song but can't find it online anywhere just hmu and i can send you the file 8~)

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