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Warming music to accompany your cup of mead before the blazing hearth. Let the snow fall outside, there's cheer and good company inside!
Featuring mostly instrumental tracks with the occasional fireside song.

For more of the festive mood, check out my big Spotify collection of medieval Christmas music (just click shuffle and enjoy!): http://tinyurl.com/hhrdvl9

Cover: 'Left hook' Tavern by Takeda11

25 tracks
5 comments on A Tavern in Winter

I know this is an older list, but I absolutely adore this playlist 5 songs in. Perfect for studying, writing, and general inspiration. Thanks so much for the wonderful playlists.

Out it's 39°C (99°F), it's (a bad) Monday, but with this one, I can dream back to Winter. Thank you so much, Idril.

@anon-10208079844264487 Actually I think that's some automated glitch in 8tracks trying to interpret the artists in the playlist. To my knowledge, all the songs contained here belong to their rightful owners.

@anon-10208079844264487 Although I should add that it is probably happening because many of the songs are traditional without a living composer (although the recordings themselves would still be copyrighted)

Im listening to this while doing research for a class on medieval england is feels very appropriate, great playlist as usual!