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A musical journey celebrating diversity but also the profound influences different musical traditions have on each other - all the way from Ireland to Japan.

I hope you will be able to listen and travel in a distant time all across the Eurasian continent in joy and peace.

*about 70% instrumental (no English lyrics)

40 tracks
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I've never heard that about the tarantella dance before. That's fascinating. I'm really enjoying this mix. Thanks so much for annotating it. That's making it so much more enjoyable for me. (:

You're welcome! I really enjoyed annotating this and was hoping to give some context to enhance the overall experience of the mix. I find the tarantella fascinating too! And wonderful to listen to.

OMG thank you! I just had to annotate this because I sort of wanted to explain the thought process behind the musical story as well as give some information about the musical traditions.