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In a kingdom far away and long ago, good battled evil in one final stand.

Sharpen your sword, mount your steed, stand close with your brothers-in-arms and prepare for death or victory...

30 tracks
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idril, i hope you don't think this question is stupid but where and how do you know so much about soundtrack, all this music and stuff? wow i love them. never stop, seriously

Thank you! I find my music anywhere on the internet, I suppose..I follow every 'similar artist' link on lastfm/amazon/youtube/spotify. Also, when it comes to finding soundtracks, I will often look at lists of films, TV shows and games (especially the ones that have fantasy/historical themes) and then look up their soundtracks to see if I like them! Also, listening to other people's 8tracks mixes can help :)

I just finished listening to all your "Kingdom" playlists, and they put me in mind of a fantasy series. Are you, perchance, writing books that pertain to these songs? I would dearly love to read something like that.
Also, great job on a wonderful collection -- it piqued my interest and made my imagination soar. Your lists continue to inspire me throughout my rather boring workdays.

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm really happy to hear these playlists help you out! :) And yes I am writing several novels (there's not enough time in the day..!). These mixes were made with writing fantasy very much in mind. I will probably be posting some of my writing online soon (with accompanying music, of course!).

Oh wow, this is perfect! Thank you so much for creating this mix! I need some of this for a few tricky parts I am trying to write <3