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Kingdom Home


In a kingdom far away and long ago, families united and lovers found each other amidst the chaos of war.

Sit around the fire, tell stories of the trials that have come before, share moments of warmth and tenderness as you look out across the landscape - and pray that you never have to leave home again...

30 tracks
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This playlist makes me really melancholic for some reason, it's really a beautiful mix of songs, you really choose well **

I just love all your mixes, and this one probably even a bit more! This semester I am studying Old English and Britain's early medieval history and this mix is a great way how to build the atmosphere and enjoy the studying even more. You have a great skill in putting the right songs together and it's always a pleasure to listen to your mixes. Thank you very much for what you're creating! :-)

Thank you so much for your comment, lucie :) I have studied Old English and I'm a student of medieval literature/culture/history, so a lot of my inspiration for mixes come from this. Whatever I read/study encourages me to create playlists that accompany those atmospheres, because I hope that folks like you will enjoy spending some time in those worlds, as I do! So I'm really happy you enjoy this.