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One, Eternally

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First thing, I would like to ask .. Do you see 11:11 almosy everyday on clocks or anything else? I really like your mixes it shows what kind of a person are you :)

Thank you :) I do try and put a little bit of anything I love and feel in my mixes..
Actually, I guess this one comes from the fact I made this mix on the 11/11, which made me think of numerology and how in the past, so many literary and artistic works used numerological symbolism to give all kinds of symmetries and hidden codes.

And there is something perfect about the repeating 1 (reminding me a little of binary code as well).

There is also something cosmic about numbers, if you think of the space, the stars, galaxies... and how numbers can help us understand things outside the realm of ordinary language.

Oh, I'm well aware of her magical powers. I was just surprised that post-rock would make me happy. Turns out that I was experiencing one of the most carefree times of my life when I was listening to much of this music for the first time.

Well well.. Im glad this made you care free - although, it has made me have more care for this beautiful woman even more so! Carefree definitely. I just swayed like a flower to this melodically soft and peaceful mix. It was quite a fantastic morning to say the least <3