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þe medieval feast


The King invites you all to dine and revel the eventide away with him - come dukes, come knights and fair ladies, peasants all! The table is set with delights to whet your appetites and the drinks are flowing o'er the tables. There may be dogs scrounging at your feet and wind drafting through the hall, there may even be a fly or two on the bread but fear not, the music will make the night merry and long...

A sequel to http://8tracks.com/idril/the-olde-medieval-tavern

Cover: by Georg Flegel

40 tracks
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Damn... This playlist makes me want to tell all the people listening to the trash party mixes "You have NO idea what you're missing!"

It's been months since i first listenend to this tracklist and started palying it in background while reading.. everytime i tell myself "i should try some other tracklist", but so far nothing compares to this.

Where did you get the song "The Baltimore Consort - The Fidler's Contemt / The Kerry Star / The Goroum" from?? I tried searching iTunes and it only showed the first 1/2 of the song. This one seems to be a mix of 3 songs in one and I want to download it soo badly.

Yeah basically they are separated into three separate tracks on the Baltimore Consort best of album I got from iTunes but it's technically a 'set' - all three tracks were clearly recorded as one and flow into each other without pause. So I just edited them into one track as they kinda should have been - but that means it's not available to buy in that format, you'd have to purchase all three individually.
If you want you can download the song from this mix using this site - http://omgcatz.com/ - or buy the three tracks to support the artist :)
By the way I'm glad you like that track, it's probably my favourite <3