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þe olde medieval tavern


Come in and lay aside your sword! Grab a tankard of frothy ale and pick a dark corner to rest your soul in. There are a few fellas here you mightn't want to look sideways at - but it's cold outside and in here the fire's blazing, the innkeep's blouse is coming undone, and the minstrels may be lazy and drunk but they're damn good.

(So I got kind of carried away and gave you loads of chill celtic/medieval music...)

Cover: Personae by *Kanthesis on deviantart http://tinyurl.com/ldcgx9p

40 tracks
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This is what I want to hear when I'm done hunting Darkspawn in Thedas, with a flagon of mead in my hand. Heavy is the title of "Inquisitor", and this playlist is balm for my staff-holding hands. -End NERDCORE transmission.